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Careers Menzies Aviation Ramp Agents

Careers Menzies Aviation Ramp Agents

Two Menzies Aviation Ramp Agents discuss their work history, including how their careers have developed and what their roles entail. Transcript [Ronny Granat] “My name is Ronny Granat and we’re at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and I work at Menzies Aviation as a Crew Chief, or Loading Supervisor”. [Morten Mathiesen] “My name is Morten Mathiesen, and I am a Ramp Agent for Menzies Aviation in Copenhagen. Before Menzies I was in Aviatior Aviation and I was there for 20 years. Then the job came here in Menzies Aviation through the Union and I thought that it was time for me to try something new.” [Ronny Granat] “Four years ago, I came across a job offer from Menzies Aviation online and I applied. About two weeks later, I got called to an interview. On a daily basis I am responsible for the turnaround of aircraft. That includes briefing my coworkers on what needs to be done, taking care of paperwork, and following safety and security procedures.” [Morten Mathiesen] “In Menzies Aviation, I am a Ramp Agent. I do Headset, I do potable water and pushback, and also train my colleagues. Things I learned during my time in Menzies Aviation and in the whole area of airports is: “safety first”. I learned a lot about my colleagues: how to handle all the people. Mostly, I Iearned a lot about handling an aircraft. A good Ramp Agent, I think, should have some different skills. The first is “human skill”. I think: you have to communicate with your colleagues in a proper way. You’re used to talking with people and used to talking with customers; you can use your hands. And when we work as a team in Menzies, three guys handle an aircraft: one does the belt loader, one does the pushback and the headset, and one is the ramp agent. It’s very important that you can work with all your colleagues, not the same colleague you have on every aircraft.” [Ronny Granat ] “I’ve been privileged to work in the aviation business, because not many people have the chance to do it.” [Morten Mathiesen] “I’ve been doing this job for 23 years so I think it’s very interesting. There’s not one day that’s the same, so you learn new stuff every day.”


“Joanna has made an invaluable contribution to major projects in Menzies Aviation. She achieves success through her energy when working on location and keen eye for detail.

Joanna has a unique talent for engaging people on location and ensuring that they are fully invested in the output she is working to deliver. This skill is a key feature in her ability to deliver an outstanding finish.

Over the past 3.5 years of our partnership in Menzies Aviation, Joanna has proven that she can translate a complex technical briefs into engaging media, and improve the final output through her ability to tell stories through graphics, video and photography.”

Christopher Wilson / Bid Manager/ Menzies Aviation

“Joanna has worked with Plum Films on a number of projects, most notably as VFX artist for our innovative BBC Children’s commission, Teacup Travels.

She is a talented and creative professional who always goes the extra mile to enhance and deliver whatever project she is involved with, and recently designed a series pitch bible for a new Plum Films project. Her understanding of our requirements, creative energy and enthusiasm for the brief resulted in a beautifully crafted document that was instrumental in securing a further commission.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Joanna’s skills and commitment for any project.”

Tina Foster/ Production Executive / Plum Films

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